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Hemp Chai

€ 6,50

Hemp Chai

€ 6,50

A warm, spicy lift.



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This Hemp Chai is inspired by the Chai tea as it originated in India, Nepal, Tibet and Pakistan. The word Chai is a general word that means tea in those regions. The Chai tea was often used in natural medicine Ayurveda.

Each region has its own recipe for Chai. Usually Chai tea has a base of black or green tea, but hemp tea appears as a basic ingredient also make a delicious mild, full Chai.


Taste: This Hemp & Chai tastes full, powerful, spicy and slightly sweet.


Ingredients: Hemp Leaf, flours and seeds * (60%), lemon grass ** ** fennel seeds, cinnamon ** ** ginger, parsley ** ** cardamom, pink pepper ** ** licorice.



Shake the bag just to let mix the spices
Use 2.5 tablespoons per gallon of water
Pour boiling water
Let steep for 5 to 7 minutes.
* Our hemp tea is completely organic.
** All added herbs are bought by certified as organic. As we repackage but this weather we can not officially carry the organic certificate. All the herbs are completely natural and contain no added or flavoring.

Contents: 50 grams